Do you feel a Spirit Baby near you and want some deeper connection?

Are you on the TTC journey and want to feel some connection with your unborn child?

Unsure about when the right time is to start your family or feeling some hesitations?

Or are you already pregnant and yearn for a connection?

Or have you had a recent miscarriage and want some answers?

If you said Yes to any of these questions

 I have something just for you! 

The Spirit Baby Session 

Connecting with your baby’s spirit can bring a sacred intention and ritual to calling in your baby. It allows a deeper connection than we can feel on just the physical level, we can connect emotionally & spiritually to support the Soul of the baby and their mission on this planet that they’re preparing for.

I feel a strong connection with spirit babies. Sometimes they need their mom to do some more healing before they’re ready come earth side, sometimes they want their mom to know that they don’t feel ready to come earth side and need some help, and sometimes they just want us to know that everything is working out as it should!

Spirit Baby sessions are one of my favorite things, I feel honored to help you connect with your Spirit Baby to bring you the messages that you’ve been looking for.

I would feel honored to guide you in connecting with your Spirit Baby to connect you the clarity, peace, and love that you’ve been seeking. Connecting with my own Spirit Babies gave me peace of mind and also I was guided to how I could fully support each child through pregnancy, birth, and their life earth side. These are powerful sessions!

If you feel called to join me, click here to schedule