free video training series

Alchemize your period



free video training series

you’ll learn why you may be experiencing problems with your period and how to naturally eliminate them

Alchemize the experience of intense periods into the realm of minimal symptoms

During this video series, you're going to learn...


What causes hormone imbalances and what you can do now to bring them into balance 


What your symptoms around your period are trying to communicate about your fertility and what to do to support and preserve your fertility.



How to connect to your womb wisdom to heal wounds and gain clarity on aspects of your life from a deeper and wise perspective 


How to work with your cycle to experience  more ease and flow in business, life, and workouts.

THIS video series IS FOR YOU IF...

"I love your excitement and passion around his topic, thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge around women’s health!"

Selena P.

"This is so good, I learned so much and wish that we were taught to understand more about our bodies at a younger age."


meet your host

Hello… I’m Renae- a certified nutritionist and detox specialist

Wife and Mother to 3 wild + vibrant children 

Endometriosis warrior

I created this series because I understand what it’s like to experience painful periods, intense PMS, and a myriad of symptoms that kept me from fully living and enjoying life. I would love to link arms with you and share everything on my healing journey so that you can experience a symptomless period and get back to your incredible life 


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