What I Want You To Know Before Starting IVF 

Sometimes we have to make a radical choice to bring ourselves into balance, especially when we live in a world that doesn’t always feel supportive of Women’s Health and Fertility. And sometimes that radical choice is actually the most sane and rational choice. 

Living in the modern world is full of extreme conditions emotionally, physically, environmentally. The only way to restore ourselves to wholeness is to take a giant leap in the opposite direction that we’ve been going. 

Most of us have been conditioned to live a certain way, to eat a certain way, reach out to the dr when things aren’t quite right in our body and it all feels quite normal to us. To consider doing anything that what everyone else is doing can feel pretty scary. We trust that what we’ve been doing and the way we’ve bene living works, and our friends and family will question if we do something different, or we’ll question ourselves if we consider something new. 

If anyone gets this concept I do for sure! When I was 19 I was diagnosed with Endometriosis and my Dr at the time told me that I should get pregnant right away otherwise I will really struggle getting pregnant naturally. Through my own personal experience with healing this and conceiving easily and my experience with helping other women I want to share what I’ve learned about fertility.

Fertility is not a fixed state, it’s not just something that we think about when we’re ready to get pregnant. Fertility is the accumulation of all of our experiences we’ve been through. 

When a person is struggling to get pregnant it’s the bodies way of saying, hey something’s off here, let’s address this before w create another life. 

 Our body is always speaking to us in pleasure and pain, but we first have to learn the language of the body and tune into it. Every emotion, symptom, every cold, stomach ache, everything is the body trying to get us to listen. 

When infertility comes up, most of us are conditioned to seek our Dr who we know and trust, and usually they will suggest hormone treatments, fertility treatments, and possibly IVF to manipulate the body into getting pregnant, and carrying a baby that the body is not ready to create and carry. I’m not saying that the body will never be capable of creating life, I want to open another possibility for you. One that’s easier on your body, your soul, your relationship, and your bank account. 

Please forgive me if I’m not being as sensitive as possible with this message, I know this is is such a delicate subject and my intentions are to help restore you to wholeness to create life from the healthiest and most whole you. This is what I help my clients with through preconception cleansing, addressing the physical, spiritual, emotional, and energetic components of infertility. 

There hasn’t been enough research on the ramifications of using IVF done on the Mother and the Child yet. We’re just now understanding the ramifications of unnecessary medical interventions during birth. 

I know many women who have birthed beautiful babies using IVF, but what is going on with their endocrine system when they reach adulthood, how have these interventions affected these delicate systems in their body? Would things be different if the parents had tried restoring their body to wholeness before going through fertility treatments? These are all valid questions to look at. 

We have the stored toxins of our lifetime, combined with the damages of generations of accumulation on our lineage.

Reproductive issues are the result of a failing planet. We are a true reflection of the clogged and poisoned waterways, the smog, and the deforestation. We cannot escape the damages we continue to do to fragile ecosystems, and fragile reproductive systems. This is the mess we have made: many men and women have become so toxic that their bodies decline to produce viable offspring. Men have testicular cancer, prostate cancer, and erectile dysfunction. Women have ovarian cysts, uterine tumors, and devastating monthly cycles.

What we’re cleaning up in our bodies and the planet isn’t just from this generation, so please don’t blame yourself. That’s not what this is about. 

If you’re in the middle of Infertility, I want you to know that you have more options than you’re being told. 

It’s possible to restore your body to wholeness. Our body’s cells restore themselves and as we’re eating the food that we’re meant to be consuming and doing a proper detox, we can clean up our blood, our DNA, and allow our internal and reproductive organs to heal. It’s possible to create a healthy & loving space for a baby. 

If you’d like to know more about working with me to do a preconception cleanse please reach out here. I would love to guide you  through this beautiful journey!