I’m here to change the conversation around womanhood, motherhood, and fertility. To blaze a new trail where motherhood is anchored in radiant health, empowerment, divine femininity, open-hearted and supportive relationships, and bringing back the village!

You landed on my page for a reason, probably because you’re not willing to listen to whatever it is telling you that you’re not enough, not deserving, not worthy, that Dr who said it would be hard or impossible to get pregnant. You’re willing to do what it takes to change that story and start your family.

I hear you sister! That was me not too long ago.

I’m Renae Teel, a Nutritionist, Detox Specialist, Wife, and Mother to a spirited + wild 5 year old girl and 2 blonde haired little boys. 

I guide wild- hearted women through their (in)fertility  journey to create a healthy + loving space for a baby and through the incredible and heart opening new mama phase.

When we tap into our feminine essence and own the power and creativity that is already in us, that’s where the gold is! As women, we are here to CREATE. Our womb space contains the most potent energy and magic in the universe, to create a baby or whatever we want in this life. I’m here to guide you to tapping into that essence that you already have, to fully embody it. 

My life was not always like this! In fact it felt very stuck, painful, and hard for a long time.

I had horrible periods, like I needed to be in bed for 4 days of the month, and I even had a Dr tell me after having surgery for stage 4 endometriosis that I needed to have a hysterectomy.

Acne, chronic cold/flu, horrible digestion, low energy and thyroid, and so much more

I was super out of touch with my emotions.

I didn’t know if I would ever be mom

I started changing how I cared for myself and how I was nourishing my body. It started with daily green juice and being more conscious of what I was putting into my body.  I had no idea what was in store for me next! 

I started to feel better in my body, symptoms were getting better, my periods were getting easier, my skin started to glow. Everything was getting better.

Today I feel ALIVE, in the flow of life, healthy, glowing. I know how to handle things when symptoms arise, which is petty rare these days. I feel so happy to care for myself, my family, and my tribe. I feel so excited every day to wake up to a smiling baby, happy toddler and the love of my life.

I feel empowered in every choice I make as a mom and the steward of my family.

A typical day for me looks like: Taking the time to fill my cup first so that when I care for my family and everyone else, that cup is already overflowing. This has been key for being a happy mom!

I love to spend my days outdoors, in the garden, making delicious and healthy food, and playing with my vibrant kids and handsome husband. Connecting with my tribe (link to group) and caring for my clients.

My biggest lesson so far: Taking care of myself has to come first. If I’m not happy and feeling my best, its going to affect everyone else. Self-care doesn’t have to be spa visits, but they sure are nice right? For me, having some time to myself, eating and sleeping exceptionally well are high up on my list. Getting outside for fresh air and walks, daily green juice. Eating well and taking exquisite care of myself allows me the freedom to live a happy and nourished life.

Now I’m on a mission to share all of my experiences with you! I’m not perfect and certainly don’t  have it all together, and I don’t even really want to. But I’ve had a lot of difficult experiences that have allowed me to shed everything that was no longer serving me so that I can embody my authentic self.

This blog is all about: Fertility, motherhood, womanhood, and femininity, Health, Detox, and Nutrition with lots of wine and chocolate.

Its a space for sharing real, raw, and honest bits of motherhood, my health journey, feminine conversations, support for fertility. We’re here to feel amazing in our bodies, experience radiant health, ecstatic joy, and conscious relationships.

This blog is for you if you’re a someday, soon to be, new mama or you enjoy taking about motherhood, nutrition, being a woman and maybe a little green juice, coffee, and wine talk 😉

I want to help you remove everything that’s no longer serving you physically, emotionally, and spiritually to own your divine feminine power and create a healthy + loving space for your baby!

I’d love for you to join my community of heart-led women here!