:::Intimacy::: ⠀

We all go through ebbs and flows with our sexuality. So do men, even though it feels like most of them are ON all of the time. ⠀

I’ve noticed that when we’re going through any type of transition like motherhood, job changes, identity changes, quarter & midlife crisis, etc that navigating our sexuality can feel tricky. ⠀

Relating to ourselves feels different. Relating to our partner feels different. ⠀

The ways we once came together for intimacy can feel so different! ⠀

I remember after becoming a mom I needed so much more from my husband before being intimate. I craved deeper conversations with him and it felt awkward for a long time. ⠀

This is all normal! We’re human beings who are constantly changing and evolving. ⠀

It’s possible for you both to be able to soften the wall around your hearts and let each other in to a deeper intimacy and deepening of your relationship. To uncover a new and sparkly aspect of yourself and relationship ? ⠀

If you’re going through this or something similar, know that it’s safe for you to open and peel back this new layer of yourself. And if you’d like some support exploring this space please email me, I have 1:1 coaching sessions and other options available. I’d love to chat and explore this space with you. ⠀

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