5 things you can do to activate and increase your Fertility ✨ ⠀

⋙ Focus on healing your digestion ⠀
A compressed gut = compressed ovaries and can be a hidden fertility obstacle. ⠀
Play around with taking breaks from digesting food, having 1 liquid meal each day like a smoothie, green juice, blended soup, or food combining to allow space in your digestion. ⠀

⋙ Get Dad’s sperm checked out. ⠀
It can be easy to put all the responsibility of making a baby on us, but the health of the baby is about 70% dependent on the health of the sperm. Early miscarriages are 99% due to poor sperm health. ⠀
For the guys, no phones in pockets, that is just a recipe for poor sperm mobility + health. Wear loose boxers, focus on healing digestion + gut health ⠀

⋙ Keep warm – women can easily store coldness + dampness in the uterus and can make it tricky to conceive. I know this sounds contradictory to my suggestions of raw foods to heal, and there are ways to do both. Heating packs on the womb area, keeping your produce at room temp, warming foods and spices can all help. ⠀

⋙ Sync with your menstrual cycle ⠀
This helps to resolve hormonal issues so that everything in your body can work together harmoniously, allowing you to be in your wholeness ⠀

⋙ Addressing the emotional + spiritual components of conception. ⠀
This can really set us free and find other hidden obstacles that could be hindering conception. Sometimes we can have deep emotions that are forming underlying beliefs around becoming a mother. ⠀
Journal on what it means to you to be a mom. ⠀
What have you learned from those around you about Motherhood? ⠀

If you want to go deeper with this, I’d love to jump on a free 30 minute call with you to determine any hidden fertility obstacles. Here’s a link to schedule

Big Love,