:: The first time I saw Amanda Frances launching her Money course I thought, who is this chick teaching about money!? ? ⠀

I was triggered AF by my own shit around money. I had already tried another money course and healing my chakras and allllll the other things trying to manifest more money. ⠀

But when I actually listened to her livestream extravaganza, something shifted in me immediately! The way Amanda teaches about money is like no one else. She embodies it! And I’ve seen her go from making a few thousand a month to well over $200K a month. ⠀

I knew I had to do whatever it took to get into her energy and heal my money story. ⠀

The world needs more good hearted women with money.⠀
When we’re at our best, we inspire others to do the same. We’re able to have more support in our biz and home, we can nourish ourselves with healthy food, and support other heart-led businesses. It creates a ripple effect that ultimately shifts the planet. ⠀

We need you at your best! ⠀

To me- having more money means that I have more possibilities! ⠀

I’m saying YES to life. ⠀
I’m doing what makes me feel LIT UP ? ⠀
I have more support ⠀
I’m able to invest in my business ⠀
I have a kitchen stocked with healthy food ⠀

And most of all- it’s allowed to me create the impact on the world that I have desired ⠀


For my entire life money had been a hard subject. As a child I heard all the typical things about money: its the root of all evil, there’s never enough, it doesn’t grow on trees, etc. And I remember when I was 16 my mom was in the middle of some very extensive and expensive alternative medical treatments that I went into Wal Mart to purchase some necessities, toiletries and other things that I really needed only to get home and have my dad freak out that I had spent $45 on myself. Immediately I  felt it in my gut that I wasn’t important enough to spend money on. That the things that I needed weren’t worthy. That there was more important people who needed that money.  That I wasn’t worthy… 

I felt it in my gut, and that’s exactly where that belief stayed!   We can hang on to so many of these beliefs that were formed in childhood and they can really effect our subconscious and form our beliefs around money. Look back to some of the things that you heard about money as a child or even and adult, were they what form your beliefs around money now? Are you ready to let go of some of them? I’d love to hear in the comments below! 
I did sooo much work on my money stories! Chakra cleansing, vision boards, visualizations, meditations, journaling, even past life regressions and nothing really stuck or helped. I could manifest small amounts of money here and there, and sometimes I would manifest a large bill along with it and there went the money. I knew that there was something to this money stuff that I just wasn’t getting. Why did it seem so easy for some people to have an abundance of money?! 

I had watched Amanda Frances launch her money course twice, I saw that her clients were having great results and really changing their lives by calling in money and being successful in their online businesses. The second time I saw her launch it I wanted to do it so badly! I was pregnant with my 2nd child and still needed to pay off our midwife and other expenses and knew that there was no way I could make it happen,I was devastated! 

Another year went by and she was launching it again! I went through her free videos leading up to the course and knew that I couldn’t afford her course, but in the same breath I knew that I couldn’t  afford NOT TO DO IT! I felt it in my body that this would bring the healing that I needed. I had watched her quantum leap in her business and I wanted to be in her energy and know how she was doing it! 

I joined her course, I did the payment plan and trusted that I would make all the payments and that I would FINALLY heal my money story. 

I would never share anything that I don’t fully believe in. And I believe that we have the power to shift anything we want within us! But sometimes God and or the Universe put people in our path to help us out. 

The way that Amanda teaches about money is like no other! She really simplifies it and draws from her life experiences, how she’s transformed her money story. She definitely walks her talk and that’s what makes this course different from the other money courses out there. 

I’ll never forget the night that I dug into module 1. I lit a candle and got super comfy in my room after my kids and husband were in bed. I watched the first video just in awe of all that I was learning about how my thoughts and life experiences were drawing in my experience and relationship with money, and that I was able to shift that! I poured my heart out into the beautifully crafted workbook and released so many beliefs that I had around money and forgave those beliefs and the people in my life that were associated with those limiting beliefs. 

So not only was my relationship with money improving, but me relationships with people in my life were getting better! 

The other major thing from the first module was getting clear on what I wanted to do with more money. I had always dreamed of what I would do with more money, but not in this way exactly! It felt so clear to me on what my why really was!  

My business and the life that I was desiring had to work! My soul came here with a huge purpose and having more money that it so much easier, and having all that I desire is my birthright, it’s everyone’s birthright!! 

I wasn’t sure what would happen next after this huge relief during the homework in module 1, but small things started to shift immediately. The guilt that I usually experienced after purchasing anything wasn’t there anymore. This was huge! I knew deep within my soul that there was more than enough money, that there was more coming in than going out. I was literally forming new neuro pathways and things were shifting! More money was coming in and it finally felt so EASY! 

My husband and I started bringing in more money little by little, not even sure where it came from! Once I was cleaning up the kitchen and found a check from our insurance company for $500 that had been shoved under the fruit basket. 

And then the biggest miracle of all.. My husband had been trying to get a new job for 4 long years and after feeling like we were at out wits end, he got a call from a company that he had submitted his resume to several times and they had a job offer for him that was more than double his pay, and better benefits, more time at home, so much more. They had sent his job offer and contract over immediately! This was such a dream come true, I felt so supported by the universe and couldn’t even believe how easy it all happened. 

That same weekend that he got the job offer, we found out that I was pregnant with our 3rd child! How could life get any better than this?! 

I know this is such a long post, but I want everyone who has struggled with their relationship to money to have this info, and Amanda has a ton of free content and videos here to get you started if you’re not ready for the full course! 

Since enrollment is currently closed Amanda has her Video Bundle on sale, check it out here!

I have to share one more thing that shifted for me since taking the course! Amanda truly walks her talk in making things easy and approachable and one of the major things that I took in from the course was allowing money to flow with ease. So, the month that I had my baby I had my biggest month in my business! I’m really not sure how it even happened because I didn’t  do anything intentionally to set myself up for a proper maternity leave because I felt fully supported from my husbands new income. But I had 2 clients who came from out of nowhere that were ready to purchase a package of sessions and I had a few affiliate sales come in that I’m not even sure how it happened. But I was open to receiving and money came in. 

I know that this was all possible by healing the wounds from early in life that were running a story that I wasn’t good enough to have me desires. This course wasn’t just about money, it was about healing my inner child, my relationships, and the core wounds I had. I believe that  by doing this deep work that we are all able to heal and call in a beautiful life and all that we desire. 

I’m happy to be an affiliate for Amanda Frances’ Money Mentality Makeover and if you’re called to sign up for her course I have a gift for you for signing up through my link so please email me so I can get this to you! 

I do receive compensation if you sign up through my link, but it doesn’t come with an additional cost to you.  

If you’re ready to heal your money story get on Amanda’s waitlist for the course and you’ll get $500 off when she launches it again in Feb 2022. You’ll also get tons of free videos and content to get you started with calling in more money.

Please let me know if you have any questions here! 

Who else is ready for more money to support your dreams? ⠀